– available with us at Visp swimming pool!

Swiss reusable system for take-aways!

The reCIRCLE reusable system began in Bern and is now the world’s first large-scale reusable system for take-aways.

The reBOXes are washable containers with lids especially developed for waste prevention.

Link to reCIRCLE

How does reCIRCLE work?

At the KIOSK we prefer reCIRCLE reusable tableware.

For the reCIRCLE BOX you pay CHF 10.-

For the reCIRCLE ISY CHF 5.-

After the meal, you return your reCIRCLE product and get the money back, or you can wash the reCIRCLE product yourself and have it refilled again and again. It’s really simple!

Let’s reduce waste and protect the environment together!

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