Schwimmbadgenossenschaft Visp


Mission & values

The cooperative serves the purpose of operating and maintaining a public outdoor pool together with Camping Mühleye, along with all associated facilities. It promotes swimming, in the first instance, and provides the facilities for swimming and swimming courses. Furthermore, the running of Camping Mühleye supports the development of tourism in the region. In addition, the cooperative runs a gastronomic enterprise with a garden restaurant on the swimming pool and campsite complex.




1957: Foundation of the Visp swimming pool cooperative

1962: Conclusion of building work and opening of the Visp swimming pool

1978: Construction of the hot water long-distance line from the LONZA plant, use of waste heat

1982: Construction of the slide (first water slide in the Oberwallis region)

1986: Renovation of the swimming pool and filter building

1990: Addition of the operations building, extension of the kiosk and kitchen

1995: Takeover of Camping Mühleye as a lease from the municipality

1999: LONZA AG transfers its share capital free of charge to the Visp municipality, which becomes a cooperative member with 1000 shares. The cooperative comprises 258 members with a total of 1934 share certificates at a nominal value of CHF 50,-

2000: Preliminary project for swimming pool renovation, study of viability and the future of Visp swimming pool.

2003: Renovation and restructuring of the swimming pool and the filtering and disinfection unit (investment by the municipality).

2004: Facilities are transferred to ownership by the Visp municipality, the swimming pool cooperative remains responsible for operation.

2004 - 2008: New building of changing rooms & showers for the swimming pool.

2004: Relocation of the campsite with its facilities to the zone next to the swimming pool, owing to building land reallocation in the Visp West residential area.

2005- 2007: Redesign of the entrance zone to the swimming pool and campsite.

2012:  New construction and opening of the entrance building with a new kitchen, reception and garden restaurant for the swimming pool and campsite.

2011 – 2015 New construction of the campsite sanitary block with showers, toilets, laundry and dishwashing facility.


Special notice about the history of the Visp spa:

The first president, Christoph Zinsstag, directed the cooperative until 1990, i.e. for 43 years, followed by Werner Zollinger until the year 2000. The cooperative, which has now been in existence for 58 years, has only seen three presidents.

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