Mermaiding at Visp introductory swimming with a photo shoot

Saturday 27. May 2017

Mermaiding at Visp introductory swimming with a photo shoot

We will make up and photograph the mermaids and flipper kings, then we dive into the water and practice using the fins, learn various swimming techniques with the mermaid flipper, dive down, try to swim underwater for longer stretches, practice figures, pose for the photo shoot…

Competent swimmers can practice synchronized swimming with a partner or a group.

We spend about 30 minutes out of the water, followed by 45 minutes in the water, depending on outdoor temperatures. Owing to the great sauna tent in the swimming pool, we can warm up nicely during and after the water session.

Children as from the Penguin badge and adults are welcome.

Per group a maximum of 6 mermaids or flipper kings.

Price: 50,- CHF incl. costume, makeup and souvenir photos.

Information and registration at, or contact Sonia Schenk directly 079 603 01 02.

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